(for maps:use the browser, not googlemaps, landscape format)

folk music, cafes, pubs, poetry, christmas

Cheshire, Staffordshire, Dingle,

add another page.


2 Responses to Links

  1. freddyheadey says:

    icon thingy (“blavatar” or “favicon”) can be different on each site…

    First decide on the picture and where to find it on your own computer.

    On the WordPress site…
    (it might be possible to hover rather than click…) > My Sites/Switch Site > click the site > WP Admin
    > Settings > General

    in “BlogPicture / Icon”
    ‘Choose file’
    & navigate to the file
    click/double click the pic so the name appears next to ‘Choose file’
    click ‘Upload Image’
    and crop as required

    It should say
    “Your blavatar image has been uploaded and you should start seeing it appear around soon!”
    (= immediately to next day)


  2. freddyheadey says:

    removing comments…
    tick one to remove
    Bulk Action > Remove to Trash


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